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little jaden looks so pleased with himself

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@ZarataEventsWorking on the DVD. It’s going to be awesome!! :)


how can we believe the dates written on historical documents when the other day i wrote january 2010 on one of my papers


They’re up to this point where they’re a very gentle relationship, it’s really sweet but is not like they’re the couple who fights all the time and just deals and like it’s normal. They don’t fight ever actually, like their relationship is very sweet and lighthearted and gentle with each other and sensitive to one another. And Stiles he beats himself up a little bit cause he sort of thinks it’s his fault and he ultimately he is upset because he really cares about her and she is really good for him. (x)


i only accept apologies in cash




Rodrigo Brigatto by Johnny Pio

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Frak, frakidy, frak, frak…..unff………………

Favorite pictures of Logan Lerman

     ↳9-10/50. “I have to say I don’t have a weapon to break the ice (when talking to girls). I just make the ice thicker!”

Ian Somerhalder - XOXO The Mag (October, 2014)